Windows 10 Is Finally Getting a Real Command Line1

Now Forget the Command Prompt. Microsoft is launching a new feature for command line application named “Windows Terminal.” It will features tabs and themes, with centralized access to the classic Cmd environment, PowerShell, and Bash via Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL.) Microsoft is including various tab support close by theming and customization for developers who want to tweak the Terminal app.

Windows had long had an inferior command line environment contrasted with other operating systems. Windows 10’s WSL, which lets you run Bash and other Linux shells, is great. But it’s based on the old Windows Console, as seen in the Command Prompt. These windows do not have tabs, a feature Linux and Mac terminal windows have had for a very long time. With the failure of Sets, it would seem that the classic console windows won’t be getting them.

Microsoft has been working hard to improve the old Windows Console for years. Microsoft has been added a variety of “experimental console features” like Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste, which are disabled by default. After all, they might break legacy applications using the old Command Prompt. Microsoft even swapped the console color scheme with another, more readable one. Microsoft worked hard on adding unicode support to the existing console environment. Microsoft added support for VT codes so complex Linux apps like tmux would be usable.

With the present declaration, Microsoft is announcing a new application the Windows Terminal. It will include multiple tabs along with themes and other customization features. The Windows Terminal uses GPU-based text rendering and even supports emoji. It includes tabs so you can open Cmd, PowerShell, and WSL consoles in a single window. see the following picture

Windows 10 Is Finally Getting a Real Command Line

We anticipate getting familiar with this application and experimenting with it in June. Now, it looks like an exciting break from the past. It can make big changes without a need for maintaining perfect compatibility with old business apps that use the old Windows Console.

Microsoft announced this new application at its Build 2019 developer conference on May 6. Microsoft planning to make it available in mid-June. This application would not immediately replace the classic Windows Console environment.

Microsoft also announced “Windows Subsystem for Linux 2.” It will reportedly offer up to twice the performance of the current version of WSL for filesystem-heavy operations.

Windows 10 Is Finally Getting a Real Command Line

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Windows 10 Is Finally Getting a Real Command Line

Windows 10 Is Finally Getting a Real Command Line

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