How to Watch Videos at Faster Speeds

Who said to you had to watch videos at their normal speeds? Speed up playback to get through slow movies, song, lectures or binge-watch a slow TV series. These tips will work with YouTube, Netflix, local videos, and anything you can stream in Chrome.

Speed Up YouTube Videos

Speed Up YouTube Videos

On YouTube, click on the gear icon while playing a video and select the “Speed” option. And choose a range of faster speeds up to 2x, which will double the normal speed. You can even select slower speeds.

Speed Up Your Netflix and Other In-Browser Videos

Netflix and like many other online streaming services, doesn’t have a built-in playback speed option. For Netflix and other similar services, you can use a web browser extension called Video Speed Controller to add this functionality to all websites with HTML5 videos. We usually advise you against installing a lot of Chrome extensions, but this one is a perfect fit.

This extension will add a little window in the top left corner of your video that lets you select a new speed. Move your mouse to the top-left corner to view the panel.

Speed Up Netflix and Other In-Browser Videos

Click on the + or  buttons to increase or decrease the speed by 10%. You can also click the << >> buttons to skip forward and backward through the video, this is a feature some in-browser players don’t offer.

Open the extension options— right-click the extension’s icon on your browser toolbar and select “Options”—to find hotkey settings. By default settings, you can press D to increase the speed and S to slow it down.

Open the extension’s options

With this option, you can get rid of the floating window altogether and just press a few keys to speed up and slow down.

Speed Up Local Videos With VLC Player

Follow this picture.

If you are watching a downloaded video —or listening to podcasts or any other type of audio file—the popular and widely loved VLC media player has options for playback speed.

Open the video file in VLC Player and select Playback > Speed > Faster. You can also choose “Faster (fine)” to speed it up by a smaller increment.

Keyboard shortcuts might be more convenient for you. Press ] to increase the speed of playback until you reach the desired speed. The [ key will reduce the speed and = returns to the default setteing playback speed.

VLC has a lot of other real-time features for modifying a video as it plays. Under Tools > Effects and Filters on Windows or Window > Video Effects on a Mac, you’ll find a whole toolbox of options for tweaking your videos. VLC lets you modify the contrast and brightness of the videos, adjust its color, crop out certain sections of the video, and add various effects.

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