How to use Windows the functions key shortcuts

Learn How to use Windows the functions key shortcuts. Below is a listing of keyboard shortcuts that use the keyboard function keys. See our what are the F1 through F12 keys page for a full listing of what the functions keys do with all different programs.

Activates the help of currently open applications. If you are at the Windows desktop, this can activate the help for Windows.
Renames a highlighted icon, file, or folder in all versions of Windows.
Starts the find or search once at the Windows desktop in all versions of Windows.
In Windows 95 and later, F4 opens the drive the selection or address bar once browsing files in Windows Explorer.
• Pressing Alt+F4 closes the current an open program window without a prompt altogether versions of Windows.
• Pressing Ctrl+F4 closes the open window within the currently active window in Microsoft Windows. only works in programs that support multiple windows or tabs within the same program window.
While in Windows Explorer, F6 moves the cursor to completely different Windows explorer pane or in Windows 7browse available drives.
Pressing F8 over and over because the pc is booting can begin the pc in Safe Mode.
Activates the File menu bar altogether versions of Windows.
• Simulates a right-click on the selected item, which is useful if right-click is difficult or impossible using the mouse.

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