How to Uninstall Graphic Card Drivers in Windows? Now you can uninstall graphic card drivers from your PC very easily and completely. Follow these steps and uninstall drivers. If you don’t have a Graphic card and want to buy visit this website. Buy Graphics Card in Pakistan.

Step 1:

Download DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller Download) from the following link.

Display Driver Uninstaller Download

Uninstall Graphic Card Drivers in Windows by DDU

Step 2:

Extract DDU on your Desktop

Uninstall Graphic Card Driver

Step 3:

Open the extracted file that is on your desktop and open it by double click.

Uninstall by DDU

Step 4:

Uninstall Graphic Card by DDU

Open DDU ( Display Driver Uninstaller software)and select your GPU

Step 5:

It’s a final step to uninstall your GPU drivers. Now click on Clean and Restart (Highly recommended) and wait for the restart and let Display Driver Uninstaller software work to uninstall GPU drivers.

Uninstall Graphic Card

Download DDU

Downloading Display Driver Uninstaller Download

If you’re having issues with the Display Driver Uninstaller software program, you should verify the guru3d website for more details and help.