Google could also be storing everything you say to your Google Home and keeping the recordings forever, simply as Alexa does. Google recently changed the default conduct to not hold the recordings. However, that change only affected new customers—not present ones.

Google Home Records What You Say

Google Home Records What You Say

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Your Google Home spends most of its time listening for its wake words, “Hey Google” or “OK Google.” The device then records every thing you say after the wake word and sends it to Google’s servers for parsing. Google must store these recordings quickly. However Google could also be storing what you say eternally.

As the Washington Post points out, holding the recordings forever was the default behavior, however it isn’t anymore. Google now makes you opt-in to sending the company your voice recordings. However, Google only made the change for new customers and never present customers. In case your account previously sent voice recordings to Google, it would hold doing so till you turn it off.

We’ve covered earlier than why companies keep your data like this, however it’s fairly straight forward. Artificial Intelligence isn’t very intelligent, and as far as voice assistants have come, they still miss the mark often. As Amazon does for Alexa, Google employs humans to listen to your commands, examine them to what the Assistant thought it heard, and how it responded. Google makes use of this process to enhance its outcomes or study what features customers need implemented that don’t exist yet.

Trying to enhance Google assistant is an effective thing, however changing the default conduct from opt-out to opt-in is even higher. Google is method forward of Amazon on this front—with Alexa the default continues to be to record and worse but, you’ll be able to’t opt out in any respect.

Stop Google From Collecting Voice Recordings

In case you’re an existing user working under the previous defaults, the excellent news is you’ll be able to inform Google to stop collecting your voice recordings. The even better news is it’s extremely easy to do.

To stop this, go to Google’s Activity Controls web site. Scroll to “Voice & Audio Activity” and toggle it off. You will notice a warning that states Google devices could not understand you whenever you say “Hey Google,” but we think it’s old warning textual content. In our testing, commands still work.

Click on the “Pause” option on the bottom of the warning.


You’ll need to repeat this process with each Google account you’ve connected to your Google Home. This setting applies to each device you’ll be able to say “Hey Google” to, from your cellphone to a Nest Home Hub (previously often called a Google Home Hub) to a Lenovo smart display.

Delete All Your Voice Recordings

How to Delete All Your Voice Recordings

Now that you just’ve turned voice collection off, you’ll be able to delete what Google already has. Simply click on on “Manage Activity” beneath the toggle on the Activity Controls web site.

Click on “Delete activity by” in the upper left corner of the web page.

How to Delete All Your Voice Recordings

Select which recordings you need to delete. To delete every thing, click on the box under “Delete by Date” and choose “All Time.”

How to Delete All Your Voice Recordings

Finally, click on “Delete” to delete the selected recordings.

Finally, click “Delete” to delete the selected recordings.

It’s nice that Google enabled a more privacy-sensitive option for new users. We want Google had made the change retroactive, however. Hopefully, Amazon follows in stride and offers everybody related controls sooner or later.

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