Learn how to password protect WinRAR Archive with success. WinRAR is one in all the most reliable and common software once it involves compression and protective compressed data. it’s handful utility software for accessing files keep in most well-liked compression format after zipping that is RAR. RAR is a compression protocol that compresses massive files by storing duplicated data in files a lot of efficiently and occupying less space for storing.

RAR files aren’t natively supported by Windows thus there’s software like WINRAR that are used for that purpose. Not everybody simply compresses files with WinRAR and sends it directly, there are peoples who are trying to find security and WinRAR will protect their compressed data implement into password protection. Once compressed and password protected the data can’t be decompressed while not the password. During this article, we are going to discuss the way to password protect WinRAR archives.

How to make password protect Archive with WinRAR on Windows

Method 1. how to make a password to an Archive with WinRAR
WinRAR provides the ability to make password-protected archives using WinRAR add password and block access to all those without the password. Only personnel with password are ready to access files and folders within the password-protected archive that you simply can create. Here’s a step by step tutorial of however you’ll be able to create a password-protected archive implement into WinRAR:

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Step 1: Choose a file or folder that you just need to add in the archive and “Right Click” on it.

Step 2: Click on the “Add to archive…” a Window is open.

password protect WinRAR

Step 3: Enter Name, select Compression Format, and other Properties. Then click “Set Password” to set a password on your archive.

password protect WinRAR Set Password

Step 4: Enter the password in “Enter Password” field with you would like to protect the archive and ensure it in “Reenter password for verification” and click on “OK”.

Reenter password for verification password protect WinRAR

Step 5: Click on “OK” in WinRAR’s window that was opened in “Step 2” and you’re Done making a password protected WinRAR archive.

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