How To Optimize Your Android Mobile For Gaming

How To Optimize Your Android Mobile For Gaming? Android games are getting popular nowadays, especially among teenagers everywhere. But the Android games are coming with several lagging problems and Game errors like battery and drainage problems. to beat such issues and making your game perform better, I’m here with a number of simple tricks that will help in boosting the performance of your game on Android mobiles.

1. Android Developer Options

To make your game perform better on Android mobiles, the foremost important thing you would like to enable is that the developer settings of your mobiles. some of the following steps will assist you to enable the developer mode of your mobile phone:

  • In an Android device, the developer mode is hidden. So, to open the developer mode, open Settings and choose About Phone.
  • Now, you’ll be ready to see the Build number on your mobile screen. Top on the Build Number 7 times.
  • By clicking on the Build Number, your Developer option is going to be enabled. Now, go to the developer option and look for Force 4x MSSA option and enable it.
  • Now, at last, reboot your phone and therefore the Android Developer Option is enabled on your device.

Note: Please note that the given enabling option will drain your phone battery at a larger extent but, alongside this, it’ll surely boost the performance of your device

2. Update your Android

To optimize your android for gaming, you want to be aware that the newest software update is successfully installed on your device. If your software isn’t updated, you want to check for the newest update and install it on your device. this is often very essential because every software updates come with a number of the bug fixes which helps in providing the greater stability, high performance, and also adds new features to your Android device.

You can check for the newest software updates for your device under About Phone option within the settings of your android device

3. Remove Unwanted Applications

Nowadays, one of the most important problems behind the poor gaming performance of Android devices is the unwanted apps. We install a lot of apps that aren’t of our users which results in the lagging of our device. We must remember the apps that are useful or not. we all know that each app that is installed on our device occupies some space and that they use to run within the background. the entire process leads to reducing the speed of the mobile. So, confirm to uninstall the unwanted applications from your device which leads to increasing your Android performance far better.

4. Turn off Animations

One of the foremost likely things within the Android device is that the animations that are utilized in our devices. Animations are often noticed while opening or closing an application in our device while pulling over the notification panel while clicking on the icons of the screen, and lots of more. Off the very fact that the animations give the user some better experience of the Android device, they also make the Android slower.

So, to show off the screen animations of your device, follow the given steps:

  • Search for the Developer options in settings of your device.
  • Now, attend the Windows Animation Scale.
  • Change the animation scale to 10x.

If you switch off the animation of your device, your screen is going to be displayed without animation.

5. Turn Off Background Services

Background services play a really important role in reducing the speed of your Android device. Social networking applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail, etc. run within the background which makes the foremost of the processor of the phone busy. These apps use the RAM space and that they also drain the battery to a greater extent. That’s why the fashionable smartphone companies provide the device with a better amount of RAM which increases the performance of the Android devices.

You can disable the background services of your device manually otherwise you also can select a number of the apps. To do so, you’ve got to try to to to the Developer Options of your device and consistent with your device, you’ve got to look for the “Running Services” to urge to understand about the RAM usage of your device.

6. Using the Gaming Performance Boost Applications

You can also optimize your android Phone by installing various gaming performance boost apps that are easily available on the Google Play Store. These apps are often installed on your device which can help in increasing the standard of the graphics and performance of your device. Many of the gaming boost applications accompany the special feature which will be in action only during playing games on your device or their settings also can be changed manually.

Gaming has grown significantly then has its performance requirement lately. Games like Pokémon Go, Jurassic World Alive, and PUBG demand a lot of processing resources from your smartphones. A game booster application would help improvise the distribution of resources.

Some of the boost performance apps which will be installed are DU Speed Booster, Dr. Booster, Android Cleaner, and lots more. The listed apps might help in increasing the speed of your gaming experience.


Here, I even have discussed with you a number of the easy tricks which can be used which will help in optimizing your Android device for a far better gaming experience. The above tricks will help in making your Android device work more smoothly and stop your batter from rapid drainage

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