How To Open a Coconut?

It’s time to conquer the coconut! Here we show you how to get all that fresh water and meat in just a few steps u know how to open a coconut.

It seems that coconut water is still fashionable these days, but the pasteurized version purchased in the store can be quite expensive. Why don’t you try yours? It will have a richer coconut flavor and, as an added benefit, you’ll get all that delicious meat that’s perfect for cooking and baking. Both tasks are much simpler than it looks: just follow the main tips and tricks of our test kitchen.

How to Extract the Water From Coconut

First, place the three “eyes” at the end of the coconut stem. Use a screwdriver to check which one is the softest and then drill.

Then flip the coconut over a bowl or glass and mix if necessary. Once you’ve got all the water, it’s time to switch to meat!

How to Extricate the Meat From Coconut

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Place the coconut on a circled pan and cook for 20 minutes or until the hard outer shell starts to break. Remove the coconut and reserve until it is cold enough to handle it. Then wrap the coconut in a cloth; holding the coconut with one hand, hitting it with the back of a knife or chef’s knife, or hitting it with a hammer, in the same place several times, then lever. Separate the coconut meat from the shell with a spoon. Remove the brown skin with a potato peeler, if desired, then crush, grate or cut the meat.

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