Recently I was asked to make a couple of baskets to raise funds in our church. Obviously I said yes, immediately. I was very happy to contribute, so I offered two handmade baskets. I thought about doing one with activities for children and one for adults. I know crafts and I like crafts, it would be an easy way to give back and help … or so I thought!

He had never really made a gift or a lottery basket before. I thought I knew exactly what I was going to do, but once I was in the craft store, I was puzzled. The first time I went, I was so overwhelmed that I left empty-handed.

Suddenly I felt a huge wave of responsibility and insecurity. The purpose of the basket was to raise funds. To do so, he would need to be full of objects that people wanted enough to throw money away. Furthermore, they had to look super attractive. Honestly, this is … it was the key.

Have you ever been to one of those parties, where do you spend nice packages and then “steal” them again and again? Everyone just wants the beautiful card or bow, nobody really thinks about what’s inside, right?

Of course, I knew I would fill my quality basket, but I also knew I had to look fabulous.

I decided to work in the children’s basket first. I thought it would be easier and it turned out he was right. I went to a discount store and collected many craft kits. There were a variety of painting and sewing projects, window art kits, drawing and coloring activities.

They give you the picture. I made sure to get away from everything that was openly gender specific, so as to attract a wider group to bid!

Once the contents of that basket were locked, I felt safe enough to go back to the craft store for basket number two. This time, inspiration was on my side.

Instead of adding random elements, I decided to add all the supplies needed to make three complete (and very basic) crafts, a decoupled cardboard box, printed terracotta vases and a crown of summer flowers.

I have included paintings, stencils, pots, a wreath, a Bowdabra bow maker, silk hydrangeas, ribbons, brushes and craft paper, among other items. I also launched two books to paint the inspiration. I bought all the items with coupons!

At the start, I took a roll of that shrink film from a transparent hairdryer and got ready to assemble everything.

I didn’t use a real basket for baby items. I stacked the boxes one on top of the other and used the shrink film to hold the module.

The objects for adults were placed in a rustic wire basket. It took me a few attempts to find an agreement that I liked, then I also concluded it.

I completed each package with a fabulous bow and a sheet with details of the contents …

which lists the Delux Watercolor Set, a brand, not a spelling mistake!

I am very happy with how they came out and I think they really attracted people to buy tickets! I know that the event was a great success overall and I am happy with my contribution.

They were pretty nice enough to be stolen from a party! 😉

How are your basket-making skills?


I'm Mr. Umar Shahzad Bachelors in Business Administration from National Textile University Faisalabad. It's my passion to work on I'm also Worked As A Quality Auditor & Currently I am Working Assistant Marketing Manager.

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