How to install the TeamViewer (Windows)

How to install the TeamViewer (Windows) to connect to distant computers, such as your home computer while you arere at work or school, as long as both computers are running the TeamViewer software same time.

1st Step

How to install the TeamViewer (Windows)

Open an online browser. TeamViewer can have to be compelled to be installed on both the {computer|the pc} you’re accessing remotely and also the computer you are using. the same program is installed on both.

Step 2

How to install the TeamViewer (Windows)

Visit the TeamViewer official website.

Step 3

How to install the TeamViewer (Windows)

Click the download TeamViewer button. this can download the installer for Windows.

Step 4

Click the downloaded installer. you will see this at the bottom of your browser window, or you will find it in your Downloads folder.

Step 5

How to install the TeamViewer (Windows)

Click the basic installation possibility. this can install TeamViewer for either acceptive remote connections or connecting remotely.
Windows permit you to run TeamViewer while not installing it, which may be helpful if you are on a computer that you just do not have administrative privileges for. choose Run only (one time use) as your installation possibility.

Step 6

How to install the TeamViewer (Windows)

Click Personal / Non-commercial use. this means that you are using TeamViewer for free home use.

Step 7

How to install the TeamViewer (Windows)

Click finish.

Step 8

How to install the TeamViewer (Windows)

Click Next in the TeamViewer window that appears when installation.

Step 9

Enter a name and create a password for your computer. this can be the name the computer can appear as in TeamViewer and also the password are going to be needed once connecting remotely.
This passwordshouldbe is different than your Windows login password.

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Step 10

How to install the TeamViewer (Windows)

Create a TeamViewer account (optional). when entering the computer name and creating a password, you will be prompted to create an account. this is often not required to use TeamViewer. If you want to skip this, click I do not need to create a TeamViewer account now and click on Next.

Step 11

How to install the TeamViewer (Windows)

Write down the TeamViewer ID and password. This number and password are going to be used to connect with this computer remotely.

Step 12

How to install the TeamViewer (Windows)

Click finishyou’ll now begin using the TeamViewer program to either accept connections from remote computers or connect with and control other remote computers.

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