Basic tips for handling an injured pet

If your pet is injured, you may be sore and possibly scared and confused. You have to be careful not to get hurt, be bitten or scratched.

  • Never assume that even the softest animal will not bite or scratch if injured. Pain and fear can make animals unpredictable or even dangerous.
  • Don’t try to hug a wounded pet and always keep your face away from your mouth. While this may be your first impulse to comfort your pet, it can only scare the animal more or cause pain.
  • Perform any exam slowly and smoothly. Stop if your pet is more agitated.
  • Call your vet or an emergency vet before moving the animal so they can be ready for you when you arrive.
  • If necessary and if the animal is not vomiting, place a muzzle on the animal to reduce the chances of being bitten.
  • Dogs can be petted with towels, socks or gauze rolls.
  • Cats and other small animals can be wrapped in a towel to hold them, but make sure that your pet is not too tight in the towel and that his nose is uncovered so he can breathe.
  • NEVER pet your pet if you are vomiting.
  • If possible, try to stabilize the injuries before moving an injured animal by picking it up or selling it.
  • When transporting the injured animal, keep it in a small area to reduce the risk of additional injury. Pet transporters work well, or you can use a box or other container (but make sure your pet has enough air). For larger dogs, you can use a board, sled / sled, door, rug, blanket or something similar to act like a stretcher.
  • You should always keep your pet’s medical records in a safe and easily accessible place. Take them with you when you bring your dog for emergency treatment. Always remember that first aid given to your pet should be followed by immediate veterinary care. First aid care does not replace veterinary care, but it can save your pet’s life until it receives veterinary care.

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