Ask yourself: do I feel safe? Are you safe on the streets of my city? Safe from people at work? Are you safe at home?

I go first. Not me

I never feel safe unless I’m inside my house in Karachi. Even then I am very aware of the household items that I can use as potential weapons against intruders in the event of an intrusion. ¿Keys? Yes, I can put my teeth between my fingers and attack my face. Jar? Yes, you can break it in the head and use the shards to stab. Glass of water? Throw water in your face. Distract. Then break the glass on the head. Yes. It should work. Books? TO PROTECT? Hmm it can be.

Call me paranoid but my guard is always high.

It could be due to the recent break-in at my aunt’s house: the thieves pushed and pushed the poor woman down a flight of stairs regardless of her age or health, or it could be a reaction to the news of harassment at the Atif concert. Aslam, or the fact that since I was a child, every time I go outside, I feel like an unfortunate prey that shrinks under the weight of the penetrating looks of predators on the streets.

Feeling safe is a luxury we don’t have, at least not given the current situation in Pakistan. Women suffer harassment at work, on the street, when they use public transport and some, even in their own homes.

And although we may not be able to prevent sexual abuse in general or even at home, we can still defend ourselves by learning self-defense.

So when the gym and study, MUV Base introduced self-defense lessons from personal safety and self-defense instructor (Krav Maga) Amir J. Khan, it was obvious that I was immediately interested.

It is best to learn these self-defense movements from a professional and then practice them daily so that they become second nature. You shouldn’t use them without practice and training.

As Amir pointed out to me, these movements are meant to weaken the attacker and give him enough time to escape. It is not advisable to continue attacking the attacker, which will reduce his escape time and attract the attacker’s passers-by and / or companions.

This is what I learned during my sessions: ways to block the aggression that is most likely to occur in real life.

1) Bear hug

When you grab him in the back in a bear hug, use your elbow to hit the groin several times until the attack loosens.

Move your hip sideways and move your leg behind the attacker to put it between them. At the same time, position the elbow parallel to the attacker’s chest and push it back so that it stumbles on the leg and falls to the ground; This requires a lot of force. Make sure your leg between the attacker is well rooted to make you stumble. Once on the ground, attack with shots.

2) Arm pull

One of the most common ways to mistreat a woman is to pull on her arm.

Instead of pulling and pulling the arm, the attacker’s grip will only be tight, open the palm of the hand, rotate it and pull it between the attacker’s fingers and thumb. As the hand pulls, rotate 180 degrees sideways for an elbow attachment to the head. (If you are small and your big attacker, jump to attack.)

3) Hair pull

Another common way to control women is to pull their hair.

In all likelihood, the attacker will pull and pull his hair to physically dominate him. To regain balance, take both hands, take the aggressor’s hand by grabbing his hair and squeezing it tightly, turn towards the aggressor, take the neck to maintain stability and kick the groin repeatedly until the assault of the attacker loosens the hair, then hit the face or hit the elbow.

4) Wall choke

If an attacker grabs him by the neck and pushes him towards the wall, pull the chin inwards so that the head does not hit the wall. Once against the wall, drop one shoulder to one side (don’t bend your knee), lift the opposite arm at a 90 degree angle and rotate it to the other side. Push your triceps through the attacker’s arms with all your might to break the pin on your neck, hit his face with your elbow, with the same arm grab the back of your neck and hit your head against the wall.

5) One arm choke

Take the opposite arm and put your fingers under the palm of the attacker’s hand, remove it from the neck and turn it to the other side, continue to hold your hand and rotate it while grabbing the aggressor’s triceps.

Hit the area under the triceps (weak point) with the knee and continue to rotate the triceps with an upward movement and pushing it to the ground.

6 & 7) Ground choke/rape

There are two ways to do this:

One is when the attacker is suffocating you while sitting on the pelvis, use the pelvis to push it with maximum force. He will fall in love first behind you.

The second is when the attacker is suffocating you with your legs between yours. Put your hands together, put your legs inside yours and lock them. Move your arms up and out with maximum force by breaking the grip on your neck, the attacker will fall on you or drop your hands on each side to stabilize. .

With a quick movement, place a palm on one side of the attacker’s nose and grab the back of the head with the other; Now this is important, the positioning of the hands depends on the side on which the attacker will rotate. If you go to the left side, place your left hand on the right side of the nose and the right behind the head, with your legs still hooked on it, turn it to the side and stand on top of it and hit your face.

8) Pipe or danda attack

If an attacker throws a weapon at you, consider whether he will contact you or not, if not, run towards the attacker, open his arm at a 90 degree angle, take it on the arm while holding the weapon and pull it. Take the back of his head and hit the groin with the knee several times.

Grab the base of the pole with the arm that supports the neck and remove the other arm to grab the tube from the other end, turn it and remove it from the handle and swing the attacker. Hard.


I'm Mr. Umar Shahzad Bachelors in Business Administration from National Textile University Faisalabad. It's my passion to work on I'm also Worked As A Quality Auditor & Currently I am Working Assistant Marketing Manager.

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