Windows Media Center is one of the Windows 7 features that you can use to burn DVDs. WMC uses the Windows DVD Maker engine to burn DVDs and CDs, but it does so from the Media Center interface. Don’t expect anything too sophisticated, but you can use it to burn a DVD with the Media Center remote control.

Windows Media Center is especially useful if it is blocked with protected WTV files (recorded, for example, from a movie channel). Windows Media Center is the best method to burn WTV files to a DVD.

Choose Start → All Programs → Windows Media Center.

1. Media Center opens in the main menu.

2. Paste an empty DVD (or CD) into the DVD drive.

Media Player asks if you want to burn an audio CD / DVD or a data CD / DVD or a DVD presentation.

If you don’t see the message Burn a CD or DVD, scroll to Tasks and choose Burn CD or DVD

3. To create a DVD that can be played on the TV, select the Presentation option for DVD or Video DVD and click Next.

Media Center asks you to write a name for the DVD.

If you want to burn a data DVD, it’s probably a good idea to use Windows and drag the files you want to the DVD drive.

4. Enter a name for the DVD and click Next.

Media Center wants to know where to find the files to record.

5. Choose between Recorded TV, Videos, Pictures, or Music, and click Next.

When you choose the registered TV, Media Center presents a list of recorded TV programs (or videos) that are not protected. Media Center invites you to select the ones you want to record.

6. Select the check box in the lower right corner of each registered TV program you want to record, then click Next. Repeat until you are done. Then click Burn DVD.

Media Center asks you one last time if you want to burn the selected clips to DVD.

7. Click the Yes button and go get a can.

This step takes some time, especially if you are recording a long-recorded TV program. When Media Center returns, you will have a fully functional DVD, ready to be viewed on any DVD player.


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