How To Break Your Bad Habits
How To Break Your Bad Habits

How To Break Your Bad Habits…..?

We Tell u How To Break Your Bad Habits In Just 7 Simple Steps

1) Stop Doing Them (Obviously)

Of course, if you want to change that bad habit for something more useful and useful in your life, it makes sense to stop doing it. It is not helping or serving you.

  • We will discuss willpower in just one minute.

2) Replace With Something You Want Instead

If you want to get rid of your bad habit, you have to open a new path for your brain to begin paving. You must set a new address.
Do you want to stop watching so much television? Replace that time with reading, exercise or meditation.
Maybe you can start working more in that parallel business you’ve always dreamed of.

3) Attach A Bigger Purpose Behind Your Change

Many times, people try to get rid of a bad habit simply because they believe it’s just a “bad habit” they should get rid of.

If you really want to get rid of this habit, turn your duty into a duty.
Get a very clear idea of ​​why you have to break this habit. Why do you want to break this habit? Why is this important to you? How has this affected your life?
How could your life be better if you didn’t have this habit?

Perhaps spending too much time on social media is starting to affect your relationships or even your mental well-being.

Perhaps part of its purpose is to make a big difference and an impact on the world. Do you think you can do this by watching 4 hours of Netflix every night?

If this bad habit is not for you or your most important purpose in life, clarify the “why” to add more fuel to your fire.
Without a bigger purpose on why you are breaking this habit, it will be very difficult for you to change bad habits for good ones.

4) Avoid Will Power

Let’s try to be practical now.
Breaking bad habits is difficult and willpower seems to be the limiting factor for many people who will determine if you can move towards victory or return to old habits.

The trick is to avoid willpower as much as possible.
Every decision you have to make, whenever you feel the need to go back to your old ways and whenever you have to flex your willpower, the muscle will drain your “willpower tank”. and they are vulnerable to going back to their old ways.

The key is to avoid having to make those difficult decisions and choices to get started. Let’s take a look at a personal example.
I wanted to start getting up early and do gymnastics in the morning. This meant that I had to get up at 4:30 am. Ay.
Will Power v.s. My hot bed at 4:30 am?
Willpower would not last long.
So here’s what I did.

Of course, there was still some willpower, but by avoiding having to use my willpower to make certain decisions and decisions that could derail, I could have succeeded and created the new habit.

5) Everyday Cross Off The List (Dopamine)

How can you stay motivated during this process?
One of my favorite ways is to hack your brain neurochemistry, particularly DOPAMINE (of course). Dopamine is the reward and motivation neurotransmitter involved in experiencing pleasure, motivation, memory and reward.

Studies show that having higher levels of dopamine in the brain helps you feel more motivated to act. [R]
A simple way to naturally increase dopamine levels is to create a to-do list and tick the entire activity with a large red “X”.

When you reach a task or goal and your brain visually sees the result, it activates the brain to release more dopamine, which makes you feel good but also increases the motivation to move forward.

6) Stay Consistent

It took some time for the bad habit to take root and solidify in your brain, which means that it will take time to unlearn the bad habit and adopt the new one.

The key is to make sure you stay consistent with the new habit. The more you get involved with the new habit that you want to adapt to your brain, the faster you will position the harness to make it easier and more comfortable for your brain.

7) Rinse and Repeat

Once you’ve broken a bad habit, rinse and repeat with another.
You may have discovered other areas of your life that you would like to update. You can use the same strategy with different steps to help you overcome any bad habits you wish to eliminate.

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