Learn How to Add A password to an Existing WinRAR Archive. Let's say you have received a compressed file and you've got created few secret changes

Let’s say you have received a compressed file and you’ve got created few secret changes (like added or deleted private files from archive) now you want to set a password because it would be secure to send unprotected files. There’s a way to set a password on an existing WinRAR archive and here’s however you can do it.

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Step 1: Open RAR or compressed file with WinRAR then click on “Tools” from the context menu. Once the menu opens choose “Convert Archives”. You can also press “CTRL+Q” on your keyboard to open Convert Archives.


Step 2: In next popup, you’ll see an option of “Compression” click on it and you’ll be sent to the compression menu.


Step 3: Select “Set Password” as shown in the screenshot below to choose/set password, a password selection popup are displayed.


Step 4: Enter a password in “Enter Password” field with you want to protect archive and ensure it in “Reenter password for verification”


Step 5: Now click on “Yes” when asked, “are you sure you want to encrypt converted archives?”


Step 6: wait for a few seconds or minutes depending upon the size of your archive.


that’s it and you’re done protective an Existing WinRAR archive with a password.

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