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Unblock Youtube in Pakistan

YouTube is a great service which allows you to make properly edited and informative videos easily through which you can attract millions of people that you would never dream you could reach and people will have access to them. This excellent website is not only for buyers or sellers but for ads, prototyping, presentations, testing, news, documentaries, interviews, art and humour. No site comprises more videos than YouTube. With this extraordinary source of knowledge, people are now entertaining and earning by just few clicks of mouse. In short YouTube is an important and an integral part of our lives without a doubt!

Have you ever imagined what would happen if you lose access to this innumerable benefits providing website in your area, location or a regional district? You will surely feel like someone has pushed your life on stand-still mode. This is exactly thousands of people of Pakistan are feeling now a days. YouTube was banned in Pakistan due to the trailer of the film, insulting Islam and disrespecting Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W). So people are now finding different ways to unblock YouTube as it was source revenue for uploading and downloading videos which provides them with river of knowledge. So here are some useful instructions which are better than all other steps and will give you permanent access to the YouTube if you follow them carefully.

1)      Use Web Proxy:

Whenever it comes to unblocking websites always go for web proxies as it is a best and number one rated method. These unlimited source of pleasure and anti-software systems acts as the most excellent way to gain access to websites as they make your network id anonymous and you will be able to bypass web filters and firewalls there are several proxies available for YouTube on the internet. If you are looking for a simplistic way to unblock YouTube then you can use Unblock Proxy and you will ultimately find your way to the real you tube.


 2) Use Hiding Software applications for unblocking:

Now here’s another tip to unblock YouTube which is the use of various software applications available throughout the web. They have unlimited benefits like they hide your identity and you cannot be tracked or your real location cannot be found by other websites. Some software also blocks unwanted ads and interruptions which makes them popular as compared to others. Spot flux is the best example regarding this.

4) Internet Archive:

Internet Archive is known as Universal access to all knowledge which allows you to see your desired site or YouTube free of cost even if it is inaccessible in your region. It’s a Wayback machine allowing people from every profession to get access to the site because all the internet data is stored here. So Visit YouTube from here and enjoy and cherish videos which are even no longer exist!

5) Use IP Address of website:

Instead of using URL of website, the best practice is to use its IP address. It works everywhere, every time! By typing “ping domain.com” in terminal or online you will get the IP address of YouTube. So by entering IP address instead of URL for better result and high speed for better experience, you will get to witness YouTube before your very eyes!

So I hope these methods are enough to satisfy your need to Unblock YouTube. Feel free to follow these steps and get to enjoy every blocked website in your area. So good luck unblocking YouTube!

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