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open blocked sites in Pakistan

if any of your faviourite sitelike Facebook, Twitter,  Youtube  is blocked in your county , school or in workplace, you should’t be worry anymore. Now you can open blocked websitese easily. There are many ways to open restricted websites which will be useful in different situations.


1. How to open Blocked  sites in Firefox

  • 1.Install FireFox Latest Version .Click here
  • 2.Install Tools>Add-ons from Firefox called Stealthy.Or download Manually Click here
  • 3.Restart Firefox.
  • 4.Press stealthy button to turn it on.Then Enter any site to open.
  • 5.Press stealthy button again to turn it off.
  • 6.Enjoy :D
2. How to open Blocked sites in Chrome Chrom Users Can download this addon here,check out the new version of the extension for Chrome browser

chrome extention

3. Using IP Instead Of URL to open blocked sites

This depends on the software/application used to block website. Sometimes blocked sites are stored as a list of URLs (eg. www.yahoo.com, www.facebook.com) and typing the IP instead of the URL might sometimes work. In a local computer, doing a ping domain.com command in Command Prompt (Mac users use Terminal) will return you the IP address. You can also do it online viawww.whatsmyip.org and then browse with that IP to open website.


4. How to open Blocked Websites by Softwares

This has recently become my favorite software tool for bypassing blocked web sites.UltraSurf is seriously one of the best tools for the job. There is no install, so download the “exe” file onto a USB drive and run it whenever you need it.

When you open it up, it will open Internet Explorer with the UltraSurf homepage. From there the web is your oyster.

But why do I like it so much? First of all, it’s fast, it routes you through a possible three servers so you get highly reliable speeds. Second, it uses IE which is what you have if you’re on IT lockdown, so it doesn’t look suspicious and you don’t need to have two different browsers open at the same time. Also, since it uses your existing browser, things like Flash and Java will work like normal. Once you close UltraSurf it will erase your history and

And rest is Up to you What you Open

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